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Discover how 40Hz light may help you live a more engaged life filled with memories.

In 2015, neuroscientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology found hippocampal levels of beta-amyloid proteins in mice fell by 40-50 percent after only one hour of exposure to 40 hertz light. MedicalNewsToday

In the Alzheimer’s brain, abnormal levels of this naturally occurring protein clump together to form plaques that collect between neurons and disrupt cell function.

The researchers noted that flickering light at 40Hz triggers a tremendous microglia response. Microglia are the brain’s immune cells that clear cell debris and toxic waste including amyloid plaques. While they’re impaired in Alzheimer’s disease, 40Hz light seems to restore their abilities.

Introducing BEACON40®

Precision engineering delivers light pulsing at 40Hz, mirroring the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and improving mental acuity, memory, and attention.

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For daily use

Beautiful, safe, smart light for your home office, kitchen, or living room. BEACON40® Solo provides a nurturing ambiance, like a candle casting light that rejuvenates brain health and enhances cognitive function.

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beacon40 solo

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BEACON4O® Personal

For home and office

Fits seamlessly into personal spaces like your office, your dining or your living room. BEACON40 Personal fades into the background while stimulating brain function and mirroring healthy brain waves.

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BEACON40 Personal

“Join families like mine who are already noticing the benefits of 40Hz light.”
– Kimberly B.

My grandfather sits in the same armchair in the living room in the evening hours. The BEACON40® lights are placed on the adjacent wall about one meter from his armchair. They stay on each day until he leaves the room. Lately, his home attendant reports that she is seeing improvement in his everyday behavior and orientation!


Leon K.

I have noticed him to be more balanced and coordinated since the use of gamma lights. He has improved on his attention and ability to recall details of conversations.  He does not find it difficult to use and says he feels more calm and focused. I'm very pleased with the results we have been seeing so far.


Margaret M.

My grandmother likes to sit on her couch in the morning with the gamma light placed across from the couch. Since she started using the lamp, we have seen some improvement in my grandma's mental acuity. My grandfather and my aunt (her daughter) also say that she requires fewer reminders to do certain things.


Marina T.

Better speech and interaction. It's still early, but we've seen increased activity, better speech, and interaction.


Art V.

I noticed Dad’s memory was slipping, and as a therapeutic coach I know the benefits of 40Hz light. These lights are silent and they look nice in his house. He just turns them on for about an hour a day while he eats and reads the paper. It’s passive therapy. It’s easy for him.


Inna G.

I am looking forward to seeing how Beacon40 works long term with my Dad but so far it’s helping. He is noticeably more focused and engaged in activities where he seemed to be losing attention before. It was super easy for us to set up. I just put it by his desk and we leave it on while he’s reading or checking emails.



Alex B.

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